This is an additional activity and we’re supposed to make an image and animate it.

Really cool huh?

But do you know how it is done?


it’s pretty hard to explain. As hard as the process of making this program.

But I did it!

Note this one best viewed in Google Chrome. It takes great skill to make it work in other browsers but I promise you it still works.

Check it heeeere!


Photo Gallery Likeness!

I don’t know but for me this is by far the most challenging activity we’ve ever had.

So this one shows a photo gallery and we should make it like a facebook gallery with the caption on the right.

Anyways since I really want to travel and I love looking at different landmarks, my photo gallery shows the Best Destinations in the World! 😉

Web Book

Web book is like a regular book, only that it’s in the web…

…and it is animated.

It is really nice it’s just that if you’re going to use web books a lot, you’re going to miss the smell of newly bought books and how you flip and hold the pages back and forth, and the way you rip the pages off the book because you hate that part of the story.

So yeah here’s my web book haha! –> WEB BOOK!



Hi there! So in this activity, we have to add additional 2 slides or pages in a sample website and add a navigation bar. While doing it in the lab I find it sooooo confusing! I’m really really baffled and have so many questions in my mind. But I really find the parallax design very cool. I’m just wondering how are we supposed to make this work? So we downloaded a sample file and edited it. I enjoy everything during the editing but when it comes to the uploading this and making the link work, well I find it kinda hard because when I click the file in my computer, the website turns out pretty nice. But when I click the link, it doesn’t work very well. There are lost backgrounds, and misplaced photos! >.<

So I just resized some photos and yes! At last I got it right!

Anyways please open it in Mozilla Firefox not Chrome. It works very well in there. Just please. I’m begging you 😦 😀

So here’s the link:

Have a nice day!


We are asked to make our own resumé. We used the last activity in Codecademy as our pattern in doing the resumé. After editing, we have to go to to pick a design and then we have to apply that css in our resumé. I find that really perplexing considering that my thoughts might have already been muddled because I’m discerning a lot of things lately, almost everything at once. 😮 But of course I have to make it. I have to do it. 🙂

My resumé is really simple. So umm here it goes:


Challenge Accepted!

So we are tasked to complete an activity in Codecademy which teaches us the basics in HTML and CSS. The activites are divided into 12 parts. I thought after completing 1 part, this activity will be over but then it just covers 11% of the entire thing. So yeah it took me 3 days to complete this but hey I did it! (Unfortunately I didn’t get the “100 points earned in one day” badge but it’s fine) Image Image Image I’m really doing well during the first parts. I can easily correct the wrong codes I have typed but then while I’m halfway doing my job, suddenly I can’t go to the next lesson. It kept on saying that I have this error but when I looked at my program it’s absolutely fine. I did everything that I thought would help my program but it just didn’t work. I’m stuck. Stuck at 59%. -_-” So what I just did is I searched the web if there is someone that might have the same situation as me and there is! There are lots of them actually and I felt relieved. What they did is they switched their browser from Chrome to Firefox so I did the same thing. I’m so glad it worked! Image So there it is! Finished! It’s my first time to actually use a website like this that teaches you so well. It has lot’s of activities that will help you learn easier because it doesn’t just give information, it also gives you exercises so you can apply what you’ve just read. Great thing about this is you can read a lesson, type a code and see the result of your code all in one page! Another thing is it gives you badges ♥! Yes badges are exciting okay? So for beginners, this is a good website to learn the basics about web designing. 😉