Hi there! So in this activity, we have to add additional 2 slides or pages in a sample website and add a navigation bar. While doing it in the lab I find it sooooo confusing! I’m really really baffled and have so many questions in my mind. But I really find the parallax design very cool. I’m just wondering how are we supposed to make this work? So we downloaded a sample file and edited it. I enjoy everything during the editing but when it comes to the uploading this and making the link work, well I find it kinda hard because when I click the file in my computer, the website turns out pretty nice. But when I click the link, it doesn’t work very well. There are lost backgrounds, and misplaced photos! >.<

So I just resized some photos and yes! At last I got it right!

Anyways please open it in Mozilla Firefox not Chrome. It works very well in there. Just please. I’m begging you 😦 😀

So here’s the link:

Have a nice day!